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Programs for self-sustenance

No organization can survive by having 100% subsidies months after months. However, the organization also does not want to deviate from the main focus of health related activities. Considering all viable options, the organization has opted couple of projects which can be done hand-in-hand with foundation’s main goal and will yield some amount of revenues to subsidize the total expenses.

  1. Fruit orchard: about 200 faster cropping mango trees have been planted already; plants are yielding mango for the last 3 years
  2. Multi-crop farming: started growing rice paddy, potatoes, onions, cabbages, tomatoes etc with cow dung and compost manure, doing away with chemical fertillisers.
  3. Grape vineyard: this experimental research project of the State Agricultural University (BCKV) and sponsored by the government has come up in the premises of Amader Haspatal. The first harvest is expected by the end of May, 2015.
  4. A pomegranate orchard with about 110 plants has been started.

Any kind of farming needs water & our project site (Bankura district) is rocky and arid, having extreme climatic conditions; scarcity of water is a perpetual problem. The organization (FHA) has done some degree of preparations to initiate the farming as a part of self-sustenance. The agricultural land has

  • Two dug-wells
  • Two tube wells
  • One artificial pond on half an acre land for irrigation as well as pisci culture
  • Arrangement for drip irrigation of a section of area of cultivation has been made