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What we need?

What we need » SPONSORSHIP


  • Computerization (total cost 15 lakhs & need the entire amount)
  • Donation for Medicines for 3 months (Rs.50,000) / 6 months (Rs.100,000) / 12 months (Rs.200,000)
  • Donation of a Boyle’s Apparatus (for anaesthesia), Stainless steel Surgical equipment, used OT light, Used/New Autoclave (total cost Rs.250,000)
  • Sponsor for furniture for the Hospital and the Hostel (Rs.100,000)
  • Teaching aids and a paper copier (Rs.200,000)
  • Diabetic screening (Manual-check machine, Test strips, Swabs, Injectors etc) for 100 patients (Rs.20,000), supply of Insulin for 10 patients round the year (Rs.40,000)
  • Sponsorship for the cost of Surgical Operation (TURP) for 10 patients/year ((Rs.180,000) either partially or the entire amount
  • Sponsor for 50 Trees around the pond (Rs.20,000)
  • Sponsor for Trees for the orchard (Rs.10,000-50,000)
  • Sponsor for Snacks for 50 school students for evening classes for a year (Rs.25,000)
  • Sponsor Meals / Diet for 12 patients for 1 year (Rs.50,000)
  • Sponsor for 50 New mothers’ Welfare expenses (Rs.50,000)
  • Sponsor for Vaccination cost for 50 Newly Born Infants. (Rs.50,000)
  • Sponsor for cost of Residential trainees of Vocational Training Centre (Rs.20,000/candidate)