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Running Training Programs

This is a community-based project for

  • Training of young persons with middle level basic education to work as capable medical workers appropriate for rural areas.

    These workers receive training in rational drug therapy up to a level adequate for the needs of the majority of the rural population who do not have any access to qualified doctors. They are specifically taught about the danger-signals and the appropriate time to refer to the appropriate facility for proper interventions.

    The trainees are selected on the basis of initial interviews to judge their aptitude and general knowledge base. Each candidate is issued a certificate from the institute (Training Centre) at the end of satisfactory completion of the course. The candidate with a valid certificate may be recognised by the respective local Panchayats (local self-government) as a trained rural medical worker (TRMW). The TRMWs (who will not call themselves as 'doctors') will continue their practice within the Panchayat area concerned. The Panchayat Authorities will monitor their practice along with the Training Institute and other such organizations. The Institute's Certificate will be valid for two years, and will have to be renewed. The renewal of the certificate will be subject to the reports from the respective Panchayat, Prescription Audit Reports and Refresher Courses conducted by the Institute.

Proposed training courses :

  • Training of salesmen of medicine shops (in elementary Rational Drug Therapy, Preventive Medicine, and Relevant Rules under Drugs Act)
  • Training of needy and unemployed women in the villages in basic Nursing and Midwifery who would find employment in nursing homes or be self employed.
  • Holding regular elementary refresher courses for the existing Rural Practitioners.
  • Carrying on community-based field level studies and surveys which may be useful to the Government to frame policies.