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who we are?

Foundation for Health Action (FHA) is a non-profit organization (Trust) without any connection with any political party. The organizers come from different strata of the society, with various expertises with one common goal of social service.

The trust body comprises of:

Prof. Sakti Bhattacharya Former Professor & Director of Institute of English, Govt. of West Bengal; a noted social activist. Currently,
Prof. Bhattacharya is the Managing Trustee of FHA.
Mr. S.S Dasbairagi, Deputy Director of Accounts, Finance Dept. Govt. of West Bengal (Trustee)
Dr. Anup Sadhu, Head of Eco-Scan Centre, attached to Medical College, Calcutta (Trustee).
Mr. S K Chatterji, Retired from the Air Force (Trustee).
Prof. Pijush K. Sarkar Prof. Sarkar is Trustee and the Resident Physician of Amader Hospital (our Hospital)


The vision of this project has started from Dr. Pijus K. Sarkar . ( )

Dr. P.K. Sarkar is a medical doctor by profession. As a Professor in Medical Colleges in West Bengal for 35 years and as a Director of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, he has seen the inadequacy of Government to provide minimum healthcare to the citizens. Earlier he also went to give medical services in a remote village in an island of Sundarban of South Bengal and experienced the deplorable healthcare condition in rural India. He has seen the system from both sides of the fence and understood the root cause of the massive problem of healthcare system in India.

After the retirement from the Government Services, he along with his wife, Mrs. Krishna Sarkar, (a graduate nurse tutor by profession, served Govt. of West Bengal for 38 years & retired as Assistant Director of Health Services), has started this endeavor of FHA. It took years to identify a suitable village in the tribal area of Bankura. FHA has acquired a piece of land which is large enough to build a residential quarter, a small clinic, a training centre and start the cultivation as part of self-sustenance plan. The activity also includes greening of the piece of land with fruit bearing and timber yielding saplings. The startup expenses were primarily funded from FHA and retirement proceeds of Dr. and Mrs. Sarkar.

FHA is well known to the people for its publications of two bimonthly Medical Journals (Bulletin on Drug and Health Information and Ashukh Bishukh in vernacular) for more than 10 years. Both the journals are members of International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB). These two journals are well accepted by the medical profession as well as common people for their scientific information about drugs and diseases. Interestingly these two inexpensive journals do not carry any commercial advertisements to preserve their independence and to provide unbiased opinions.

The project has a dozen of active supporters and many donors:

Active supporters and participants:

Dr. Swapan Jana, a medical college teacher and a health activist for more than two decades.

Dr. Debasis Basu, Professor of Medicine, National Institute of Homeopathy, Saltlake, Calcutta

Dr. RL Munichakrabarti, Former Prof. and Head of Architectural Engineering, IIT, Khargapur

Dr. Sheila Maitra, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, North Shields, New Castle UK

Mr. Rambilash Behani, Tata Automobile Dealer, Malda. West Bengal .

Mrs. Malati Bihani, Social Activist, Malda, West Bengal.

Dr. (Mrs) Subrata Bhadra, PhD, Principal of College of Nursing , RG Kar Medical College , Calcutta .

Mr. Madhusudan Dhar, Retired Civil Service Officer, West Bengal Government.

Mr. Debkumar Saha, Retired Employee of Dept. of Health, West Bengal Government

Dr. (Mrs.) Sanjukta Das, Reader, PG Dept. of Psychology, Science College , Univ. of Calcutta

Prof. MN Majumdar, Former Head of the Dept. of Chemistry & Dean, Faculty of Science, Kalyani University , West Bengal .

Dr. Asit Chakraborty , Professor, Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University, Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal .

Mr. Asit Roy, Former Officer of West Bengal Government

More than five hundred supporters have donated (from Rs. one hundred to one hundred thousand) to FHA.

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